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United States Of America - Usa National Anthem
Album:N/A   Genre:Folklore   Year:1916
File URL: http://www.englisch-hilfen.de/mp3/usa_anthem.mp3
Latest Check Report:
This file was ACTIVE 22 hrs ago

Mp3 Provider : top 1000 mp3 charts
Password : N/A
Add Date : 2007-07-17
File Size : 1.12 MB
Server Resume : Yes
File Extension : .mp3
Real Extension : .mp3
Play Length : 1:13
MPEG/Layer : MPEG 1.0/layer 3
CRC : No
Bitrate/Freq : 128 kbit/44100 Hz
Mode : Stereo
Copyright : No
Original : Yes
Common Reports:

Total 44 reports available
Most common report is
'This file works'
with 31 (70.45%) votes
2010.08.02 Not a full song
2010.07.31 Unknown server error
2010.07.07 This file works
2010.07.05 This file works
2010.06.11 This file works
2010.06.11 Not an mp3 file
2010.06.02 Not an mp3 file
2010.05.31 This file works
2010.05.25 This file works
2010.05.08 This file works
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ID3 Tag Info
ID3 v1:1.0 Track:
Title:USA National Anthem
Artist:United States Of America
Year:1916Genre :Folklore
Comment :Star Spangled Banner
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